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Program Details

Program Details

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During their time in the Humble Hedgehogs classroom, your child will experience a transitional room. They will enter as infants but during their time in this class, they will gain more toddler independence. The teachers will begin with short small group activities centered around story time, art, colors/shapes, texture table time, and an outdoor recess every day. Each child in our Humble Hedgehogs classroom will eventually be transitioning to one nap a day, enjoying our nutritional menu, and learning to use eating utensils and drink out of sippy cups. Our highly-qualified teachers enjoy enriching your child’s education and watching them grow each day.

  • Adult to Child Ratio 1:4

  • Feeding, Naps, and Diapers are all recorded daily

  • Personal crib or cot, and storage area provided

  • Parents provide an extra set of clothes, crib sheet, and diapers

  • Center provides wipes

  • Comfortable toddler shoes required

  • Room is enhanced with in-floor heating

  • Secure live video feed

  • Special art projects

  • Weekly Bible stories

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack provided


Humble Hedgehogs

A Toddler Classroom

Our Humble Hedgehogs Program consists of twelve toddlers. Three consistent and nurturing staff members are caring for our toddlers daily.

Humble Hedgehogs

Lead Teacher: Ms. Jasmine

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am the lead teacher in the Humble Hedgehogs Classroom.

I am passionate about helping children learn and grow through their milestones and development. 

I began at Grand Rapids Community College in 2021 and will complete my Child Development Associates Degree in 2023.

I am very excited to be a part of the BSLF team! 


Our Classroom

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