Lovable Lambs

An Infant Classroom

Our Lovable Lambs program has twelve infants enrolled. We have three consistent and nurturing staff caring for our infants daily.

Program Details

While your child is in our Lovable Lambs room, we will adhere to each child’s feeding schedule from home to ensure a smooth transition. Our highly-qualified teachers will be spending time with all the children throughout the day, however, your child will have their own primary teacher during their time in the Lambs. Each child will be provided age-appropriate sensory and physical developmental activities to promote a happy and healthy infant. In addition, your child will be cuddled, sung to, rocked, and talked to as part of their daily curriculum as well.

  • The room is enhanced with in-floor heating.

  • Adult to Child Ratio 1:4

  • Feeding, Naps, and Diapers are all recorded daily.

  • Center provides toys, equipment, bibs, sippy cups, and wipes.

  • Personal crib and storage area provided.

  • Parents provide an extra set of clothes, diapers, bottles, baby food, and crib sheet.

  • Comfortable toddler shoes required.

  • Separate Sleeping Area.

  • A secure live video feed.

Meet our Lovable Lambs Teacher:

Ms. Hayley: Lead Teacher

Hello! My name is Hayley and I am the Lead Teacher in the Lovable Lambs Classroom.


 I’m currently working towards earning my CDA and I have a BA in Family Ministry. I really enjoy working at Big Steps Little Feet. I am excited to be here teaching and encouraging our future generation. I love the children in this classroom and will continue to provide great care for them.

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