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During their time in the Enthusiastic Elephants classroom, your child will experience a morning circle time, small group activities centered around art, colors/shapes, texture table time, and an outdoor recess. Before leaving our Elephants class, we would like the children to have a solid foundation of colors and shapes. Each child in our Elephants classroom is taking one nap a day, enjoying our nutritional menu, and is learning to use utensils. Each child will be given an opportunity to be introduced to (or continue to work on) potty training as well.

  • Adult to child ratio: 1:8

  • Personal cot and storage area provided

  • Parents provide an extra set of clothes, crib sheet, and diapers/pull-ups

  • Center provides wipes

  • Comfortable shoes are required

  • Secure live video feed

  • Special art and various age development projects

  • Bi-weekly Bible stories and prayers before each meal

  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack provided


Enthusiastic Elephants

A Young Three's Classroom

Our Enthusiastic Elephants program includes up to 16 young preschoolers. Two consistent and nurturing teachers are caring for the class daily.

Enthusiastic Elephants

Teacher: Ms. Keara

Hello! My name is Ms. Keara. I am so excited to join the Big Steps team and move forward!I have always had a strong passion for working with children and strive to make a positive impact in their lives! 

Our Classroom

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