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Big Steps Little Feet Contributions

For many years, Big Steps Little Feet has strived to impact our community not only as a business but also as a strong steward of our Christian principles. One of the ways we do this has been by committing to give back to the organizations listed below and we would love to share these missional possibilities with you.

Childcare Conversation

Check out this conversation on how childcare is moving forward in light of the pandemic hosted by WGVU, with Jessica, our Director of Operations, and the Grand Rapids Chamber.

The Ins and Outs of the Child Care Tax Credit

If you are paying someone to take care of your children or another person in your household while you work, you might be eligible for the child and dependent care credit. This credit gives back a portion of the money you spend on care, and can reduce your tax bill by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Product Recalls

We would like to keep our families up to date on product recalls. Please utilize this link to find out more!

Jessica White-Hatinger Biography

Jessica White-Hatinger is the Director of Operations at Big Steps Little Feet. Please feel free to read more about her background and how she came to work here!

Child Emergency Card

List all individuals, including parents/legal guardians, in order of preference, to be contacted in an emergency. If possible, include at least one person other than the parents/legal guardians to be contacted in an emergency and to whom the child can be released. The second phone number column can be left blank.

Vaccines Required for Child care in Michigan

Whenever infants and children are brought into group settings, there is a chance for diseases to spread. Children must follow state vaccine laws in order to attend child care and preschool. These laws are the minimum standard for preventing disease outbreaks in group settings. The best way to protect your child from other serious diseases is to follow the recommended vaccination schedule at

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